How to Choose the Right Blu Ray Player

By Marcia Malory posted Jul 23rd 2014, 16:41:50

A Blu Ray player is a great investment. You can spend hours watching your favourite films, enjoying the almost flawless quality of the high definition picture.

But which one do you choose? As a savvy shopper who comes to MrBuyGuy to find the best value for all kinds of products, you’re not going to buy a Blu Ray player just because it’s inexpensive or has a famous brand name like Sony or Samsung. You want a Blu Ray player that’s affordable and satisfies all your requirements.

Before you make your purchase, ask yourself

1. What is the manufacturer’s reputation?

Before you purchase any product, it’s important to get feedback from people who’ve used it before. Ask friends or family members and of course, look for feedback on
Be sure you ask specifically about Blu Ray players. A manufacturer may be great at producing some kinds of products, but not others.

2. What features do I need?

Generally, the more special features your Blu Ray player has, the more it will cost you. Before you become disoriented by all the bells and whistles advertised on some models and spend more money than you have to, hold on to your wallet and ask yourself which features you’ll really use?

For example, if you don’t have a 3D TV, and aren’t planning to buy one in the near future, you don’t need a Blu Ray player that’s 3D capable. If you don’t have time to watch film after film in one evening, you don’t need a player with multi-disc capacity.
On the other hand, if you have a big DVD collection, you’ll want to consider a Blu Ray player that can play DVDs. If sound quality is especially important to you, a Blu Ray player that supports DTS sound can be a worthwhile investment, even if it means splurging on new speakers.

3. How often will I use it? (Be honest.)

As with anything else, the more enjoyment something gives you, the more it’s worth. When deciding how much to spend on a Blu Ray player, consider how much time you’ll spend in front of it.

If you relax on the couch and watch a film every evening, or even once every weekend, then you’ll want to pay for the best. However, if you’re more of the outdoorsy type and only watch films when bad weather keeps you from daily walks, you might want to go for something cheaper.

Remember that after you’ve had your Blu Ray player for a while, you can always upgrade to a new one and sell your old one right here on

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wrote on 3/5/15

I consider myself as an outdoorsy type person. I never stay at a single location for more than 2 hours. That’s why I choose marketing as a career. So I think branded one is not meant for me or else if I get all features plus quality assurance in local brands than I don’t think I should choose Sony which is bit expensive. I just compared the price of Blu Ray Player on this website and glad to know that it is much lower as compared to the price I consulted at a local store. Well, thanks for these valuable tips!

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