Nothing to wear? Let shopping online take the hassle out of buying clothes

By Marcia Malory posted Aug 13th 2014, 16:33:51

Remember the old days, when buying new clothes meant trudging around town, from shop to shop.

What about fighting your way through crowds and searching through racks of clothing in the hope you’d find something in your size?

Thankfully, those days are gone. Now you can avoid crowds, stress and aching feet by shopping for clothes in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, you can visits shops all over the globe without leaving your chair and use a site like to help you find the best prices.

Online clothes shopping does require some unique skills, however. When you buy clothing online, you can’t see your potential purchases in front of you and you can’t try them on. You need the ability to imagine how clothes look and feel and to visualize how they will will look on you.

To avoid time at the post office returning items that are poorly made or don’t fit, follow these tips:

1. Always read the description

Look for information about the type of material the item is made of, as well as how it was made - the type of stitching, for example - and anything else that can tell you something about the item’s quality.

Remember that images don’t show everything. A jacket may look warm and snuggly in a photo. Nevertheless, if the description says it’s made of linen, you won’t be able to wear it on cold days.

As a general rule, natural materials, like cotton, leather, linen or wool, give an appearance of quality. Synthetic materials, such as nylon, rayon, acetate or acrylic, tend to look cheap. Hand-stitched items are usually of higher quality than items that are machine-stitched.

2. Know your measurements

Women, know your bust, waist,and hip measurements, your height, your inseam and your sleeve length.

Men, know your height, chest size, waist size, inseam, sleeve length and neck size.

Be honest with yourself. Don’t pretend that you’re a few inches smaller or larger than the tape measure says. You’ll only end up spending money on tight, uncomfortable clothing or clothing that is baggy and unflattering.

3. Read the size chart

There’s no standard range of sizes that’s consistent from one shop to the next. A Size 10 from one shop can fit the same person as a Size 14 from another shop can. An Extra Small in one shop can be a Medium in another.

Never assume you’re a certain size without checking where your own measurements fit in that shop’s chart.

4. When in doubt, ask

If you have a question about clothing material, size or anything else, contact the shop owner and ask for more information. If you simply hope for the best and make your purchase without getting all the information you need, you could be disappointed.

5. Read reviews

If you shop at a site like, which provides user-generated reviews, you have the advantage of knowing whether previous shoppers got what they paid for. If a store owner sells clothing that is high quality and matches the description perfectly, previous shoppers will let you know. If clothing is poor quality and the description is deceptive, they’ll let you know that, too.

6. Remember which brands fit you best

Different brands favor different body types. For example, jeans from one brand may be perfect for women with hourglass figures. Another brand's jeans may look best on women with narrow hips. If you find an item of clothing that suits your figure, consider buying more items from the same brand. You can even set up price alerts with MrBuyGuy and be notified when clothing items from your favourite brand are on sale at a reduced price.

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Emily (0)

wrote on 2/5/15

A website at least should have a size specification chart and a graphical representation so that when user enter their size specifications, a graphical image get display in front of him/her that make them feel like they are trying them in a local clothing store. Well, I always purchase the products through online store after comparing them on your website from last 6 months. I saved a lot.

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