Think Your Kitchen is Too Small? How to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

By Marcia Malory posted Aug 21st 2014, 11:03:41

Do you look at photos of kitchens with giant fridges, huge dishwashers and enormous ovens and feel disappointed because your tiny kitchen could never look like that? Nowadays, space is at a premium and many of us are struggling to find the best ways to create delicious meals in kitchens with barely enough room to turn around in.

Don’t feel bad. Here are some ingenious tips for making the most of a small kitchen. After you read them, you’ll realize that when it comes to kitchens, size doesn’t matter.

1. When shopping for large appliances, think small. Look out for low and narrow ovens, cookers, fridges and dishwashers. Always check the height, depth and width before you buy. If you aren’t sure, confirm with the seller. Remember to measure the available space in your own kitchen first.

2. Save counter space by mounting your microwave or mini oven on a wall.

3. With some stylish racks, you can mount your pots and knives on walls as well.

4. A wall pegboard is another option.

5. Hanging baskets are a great way to store fruit and vegetables that don’t need refrigeration.

6. Consider how you use your kitchen’s corners. This space is often wasted. A tiny table snuggled into a corner can provide you with more working space. Narrow storage units can fit in corners, too. You can also try putting up some narrow, triangular shelves.

7. Turn baking sheets and cutting boards on their sides, and then store them upright on shelves.

8. A narrow spice rack can slide discretely into a small space.

9. Think about replacing cabinets with open shelving. You won’t have to deal with open cabinet doors intruding on an already small space.

10. An alternative is to use your cabinet doors as storage space by installing racks on the inside.

11. Placing storage containers on high shelves will let you take advantage of unused vertical space.

12. A rolling shelf can fill up the unused space underneath your sink.

13. Buy colanders, bowls, pots, spatulas that can be nested inside each other.

14. Trays and baskets are a great way of organizing the items on your counter. Once you have everything in its proper place, you may find you have more space than you thought you did.

15. Increase the size of your kitchen visually by placing a mirror on one wall. Light coloured cabinets create the illusion of more space.

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Daniel (0)

wrote on 2/5/15

The idea using corner with triangular racks is amazing. Space around the corners always remains empty and utilizing them by placing storage container is a great way to take advantage of un-used vertical space. But still, according to me we cannot hang everything on the wall.


Amanda (0)

wrote on 8/5/15

It is a bit surprised for me that Daniel is taking interest for the adjustment in kitchen. Most of the man doesn't care about the Kitchen area and always hang around with their laptop. But Daniel, I think if we use proper techniques everything can easily be adjusted on the walls. My kitchen is bit small and I implemented the same tactics to utilize all the space.

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