How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping

By Marcia Malory posted Aug 29th 2014, 17:55:59

As prices rise, the thought of paying for school supplies could have you panicking. Each year, back to school costs can take up an increasingly greater percentage of your household budget. Here are some tips to help you save, so you can look forward to the new school year.

1. Take stock of your cupboards

Before you start shopping, look for items you already have, like pens and notebooks. You might be surprised by what you find hidden away.

2. Make a list

A list is as important for back to school shopping as it is for grocery shopping. Sticking to a list will ensure you buy the things your children need and don’t waste money on things that are unnecessary.

3. Look for end of summer sales

You can find some great deals on discounted items.

4. Don’t buy trendy items - yet

Trends change quickly, and the binder or pencil case your children were desperate to have in mid-August may be out of fashion before the 1st of October. Wait until your children are settled in school and the year’s new trends have been established.

5. Shop throughout the year.

Don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. If you see an item of clothing or stationery that your child might use later in the year or the following school year buy it when it when you find it, and it’s not marked up at a back to school price. You can buy clothing items slightly large so your children can grow into them.

6. Shop online.

Online shopping is a fantastic way to save money on back to school items. With an online website like, you can search for school supplies from a wide range of providers, looking for the highest quality items at the lowest prices.

Use online vouchers to save even more.

Don’t forget that when you shop on line, you save on the cost of petrol as well as the cost of supplies.

You can buy used items at auctions or search for them on online classifieds, like the ones on MrBuyGuy.

If you don’t have time to shop at all, place a Wanted ad. You’re sure to find someone who has just the item need, at a price you can afford.

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wrote on 2/5/15

Preparing a list and stick to it is a perfect option to reduce the extra expenses. I fully agree with you that the best way to save money is shopping on an Online Platform. These days most of them even offer 1 day shipping at no extra cost. Well, the best section I like the most on this site is Watches where wide range of brands are listed at an affordable price range.


Amanda (0)

wrote on 8/5/15

I agree with your point that we don’t have to wait for last moment as all the things are bit expensive and chances of un-availability are more. So sometime I buy the important stationary things in advance and some of them during next session. I always buy clothes slightly larger so that they never feel tight and grow in to them during their growth years.

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