Short on cash but need to get away? Here’s how to save on your holiday

By Marcia Malory posted Sep 19th 2014, 13:35:02

There comes a time when the pressures of work or home life become overwhelming, and you need a holiday to avoid burnout. Holidays can be expensive, though, and you might think you can’t afford to get away from it all.

Don’t be discouraged. Going on a fantastic holiday doesn’t have to mean putting yourself in debt. Here’s how you can enjoy a great holiday while keeping to your budget.

1. Go when prices are lowest

If you can, avoid travelling at the busiest times, like during summer holidays. The greater the demand for flights and hotels, the higher prices will be. If you must travel over the summer, try to go during the last week in August and the first week in September, when prices tend to be much cheaper than in July and the rest of August.

2. Pack wisely

Make a list and try to avoid packing things you won’t need. Not only will you avoid carrying too much heavy luggage, you’ll avoid paying airline charges for going over your weight allowance.

3. Don’t shop at the airport

Airport (and train station) shops are notorious for their high prices. Make sure you have everything you need, from adaptor plugs to aspirin, before you go. You can buy items at discount shops or save time and money buying online from websites like

4. Hire a car before you leave

Hire a car to pick you up from the airport, and save on exorbitant taxi fares. Soon you’ll be able to find the best car hire deals on MrBuyGuy.

5. Bring your own snacks.

You’re likely to become hungry over the course of a long journey. Bring snacks with you rather than purchase them on a train or plane.

6. Turn off data roaming on your phone

When travelling abroad, data roaming charges can pile up quickly. Purchase an inexpensive, local PAYG phone. If possible, avoid buying a phone at the airport. Get it at a local shop instead.

7. Walk when you get there

Avoid the cost of public transport, taxis or petrol by walking as much as possible. You’ll want to see the sights close up anyway.

8. Purchase a local sightseeing pass

Many cities offer sightseeing passes for tourists. These passes provide discounts on entries to museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants and other local attractions.

9. Avoid restaurants near tourist attractions

Menus will usually have very high prices. Take a short walk to a nearby restaurant or cafe with prices designed to attract local residents as well as tourists.

10. Don’t use the minibar

When staying at a hotel, resist the temptation for a drink - whether mineral water or wine - from the minibar. Have a drink at the bar or purchase a bottle at the supermarket to drink in your hotel room later.

11. Find a hotel room on

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Amanda (0)

wrote on 1/5/15

I always spend a lot on the Airport but I think from now on-wards I will take care of all these things so that I can shop and enjoy a lot without spending much. It’s better to plan and book everything in advance in order to avoid last moment rush that always adds expenses.


Arron (0)

wrote on 8/5/15

Absolutely right that most of the restaurant near tourist attraction have higher price. So it is better to look for the ones who are located near to the local residence where you can easily find most of the things according to local market price which is quite affordable and save lots of money. I visited Macau last year and did the same.

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