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I can't see my listing. What could the problem be?

 It generally takes 24 hours after listing an item for it to become searchable. Contact MrBuyGuy if more than 24 hours has passed and you still cannot find your listing.

How can I restore the listing I deleted?

 To recover a deleted listing, click on Deleted in the selling section of your dashboard.

How do I complete the auction process once i have sold an item?

MrBuyGuy's comprehensive auction management system allows you to complete your auction once you have sold your item. When your item has been sold,  MrBuyGuy will send you an email, congragulating you on the sale of your item and letting you know the details, such as howm cuh t the item sold for and who the purchaser was. 

The email will also contain a link that will take you to the auction managment area.  Alternatively, you can also find this link by logging in to your MrBuyGuy, then clicking on Sold Items under Selling in your dashboard.  Click Choose under the item you have sold, then click Manage.  The Auction Manager page will give you information about the sale, such as the buyer's name, their feedback and profile rating, when they were last online, how much your item sold for and the associated shipping charge.  It will also tell you when the buyer was last online.  Underneath this information, you will see the current status of the auction sale process. 

If you do not hear from the buyer within a reasonable period you can send them a reminder from this page.  To do this simply click Resend Payment Details.   MrBuyGuy will then send the buyer an email reminding them to pay you.  

Sometiimes, you may receive an email from the buyer asking you to confirm shipping costs associated with the auction, for example, if the buyer is based overseas of if you didn't clarify the shipping costs when you listed the auction.  If this happnes,  confirm the shipping costs by clicking on the link provided in the email and entering the total shipping cost.  You will be able to see the buyers shipping address, which will help you determine what the shipping cost should be.  Once you have confirmed the shipping cost the buyer will be notified and should pay for the item.  You will be notified once they have paid.

If payment is via direct deposit, you whill have to check your bank statement for payment.   Once you receive the payment, return to Auction Manager and  confirm that the buyer has paid.

Once your buyer has paid you will be prompted to ship the item. You can enter in any track and trace details in the text area provided.  Once you have shipped your item, confirm this in Auction Manager.  The buyer will then be notified to look out for the package. Once they receive the package, they will confirm this, and you will receive a notification that the package has been received. 

At this point, the auction process will have  been completed. You will then be prompted to provide feedback on the buyer.

When will I receive a sales report?

 Once you are subscribed to our services, you will receive your first report within 72 hours. The report will be comprehensive and will provide you with interesting insights on various sales aspects of your sales.